Making our space a home

Adam and I are huge homebodies and mornings spent together are our favorite. We just soak up that time together, while everything is still and quiet, drinking our coffee and watching our favorite morning show. It’s just a couple of hours but we really treasure it so you can imagine our need for a really, really good sofa. I’m excited to share our journey to finding the one!
Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 001 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 002 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 003 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 004We’ve lived together for a couple of years now but really didn’t start making our little apartment our home until after our wedding. I was the type that would say “This isn’t our real home yet. We aren’t going to be here forever so there’s no need to decorate or worry about the perfect pieces” but boy was I wrong. Once we started making the space our own we really felt at home and loved our time spent here. We had a sofa from my previous place that was cute but not at all comfortable, so we then got a second sofa but ended up not liking the color of it and it just wasn’t right either. It was like a real life Goldilocks problem in here! We finally decided to be grown ups and do something more customizable that we knew would be perfect for our space. We decided to go through Jonathan Louis since they have sooo many options. We knew we could create the perfect sofa for us with all of their options and stylish furniture. One of our main concerns was finding one that was just the right length for our odd square living room. JL has great sizing options that we were able to choose from and we were so happy to be able pick out the size that worked best for us. As far as the color went, we knew we wanted to go with something light to open up the room and lucky for us they have hundreds of swatches to choose from too. We loved that we were able to see a swatch of each of the fabrics we liked online before we made a decision. Ordering online can be pretty intimidating but we are so in love with how it all came out! If you’re not the online sofa ordering type you can browse their furniture at stores like Macy’s, Living Spaces, Z Gallery and a ton of other local stores. Find one here!

Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 005 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 006 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 007 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 008 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 009The second it arrived and we sat on it it was like sitting on a cloud. It really is the most comfortable sofa we’ve ever sat on and we love how deep it is. No more fighting for “the perfect spot” because really, it’s ALL the perfect spot. Since we spend a ton of time in our living room it is the most perfect sofa for us. We also love the fact that it can double as a bed since we don’t have a guest room. Even Adam can comfortably fit on it (and he’s super tall 😉

Overall we are so thrilled with our experience with Jonathan Louis and we would recommend them to any and all of our friends and family! They made the process simple and painless and we are so excited to have a space that really feels like us!

Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 010 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 011 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 012 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 013 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 014 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 015 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 016 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 017 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 018 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 019 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 020 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 021Oh, and our new kitties Samson and Delilah are really into it as well 😉

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Jonathan Louis but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

The Mens Gift Guide

fb10899d-376f-486c-bd70-cb71ef2cf965Holiday shopping is either the biggest pain or the most exciting part of the year. As a man I find it hard to tell my wife what I want. It doesn’t help that I have a hard time identifying what kind of guy I am.. Am I an active guy wanting sportswear, or a classic guy needing ties and dress shoes. Honestly I need it all but lets be real, who can afford all that.

db159a45-33e0-4f12-82e7-2c07320696d6Mr Porter does a great job of showing off the different types of men and what gifts to get them. From the creative to the hands on worker, they may not be the cheapest gifts but they give a good structure for what to get your man this holiday season.

Words by Mr Chris Elvidge, Senior Features Writer, MR PORTER

b375f614-8335-4657-b4e2-6df6b4c2df91This one’s for the marathoners, the CrossFitters, the ceaselessly active, Lycra-clad fitness junkies. If the first thing he does on Christmas morning is get up and go for a 5k run, then something from our dedicated sports department, MR PORTER Sport, is sure to charm him. Sleek sneakers that put style and performance on equal footing, sports watches from Suunto, recovery foam rollers from TriggerPoint and sunglasses from Oakley are all among the selection.

110306e2-8d95-4d45-815e-134035cd1601Don’t call Mr Laid-back unmotivated. He’s highly motivated – to do as little as possible. For this professional lazybones, this really is the most wonderful time of the year; a few days when lounging around in the house isn’t just accepted, but positively encouraged. Make his holiday season even sweeter with an indulgent gift from our loungewear selection, which includes pyjamas from Sleepy Jones, slippers from Savile Row’s very own Derek Rose and, of course, the greatest stocking filler of all: cashmere socks.4e7f738e-53de-4d37-aa14-e41abeecc456This man is a fan of all things modernist and minimal. He knows his Le Corbusier from his Pierre Jeanneret, believes that form follows function and has a deep mistrust of anything that could be described as “decorative” or “ornamental”. We know what you’re thinking: “What on earth am I going to buy for this guy?” But don’t panic. This expert selection of sleek shoes, minimalist watches and neat, tastefully appointed accessories is sure to do the trick.

90f8fea9-b3ec-40cd-8b5d-abc5f7fa3d70Mr Utility may live in the city and work a nine-to-five desk job, but that doesn’t stop him dreaming of owning a log cabin out by a lake. He has been known to whittle his own kitchen utensils out of driftwood and, at some point in the past three years, has probably grown a beard. Do you know someone who fits this description? If so, indulge his fantasies with our selection of flannel shirts, down gilets and sturdy work boots.

Make sure to visit to see more gift and style ideas.

Make sure to visit for the woman in your life, or ladies, so you can send your man the gifts you want.


Friday Favorites / Happy Halloween!

meganwelker-pumpkinpatch-135Hey guys!! Happy Friday! How fun is it that Halloween is on a Saturday this year? What do you have planned? We’re heading to our friends for a pumpkin carving fun and later the crazy ones who are into scary things are headed to a haunted house. I (megan) am SO not into that stuff but Adam lives for it! Have a great weekend friends!

The holidays are coming up. A post about how to find cheap airplane tickets may be helpful.

I finally upgraded my phone and am the new owner of a fancy iPhone 6s. Now I need a case, loving these.

Fall book list. I have Big Magic up next on my kindle, but I’ve been listening to her podcast every chance I get.

We actually WON a giveaway and recently got these bad boys! We love them and they’re the perfect desk chairs!

Fall foilage map is everything!

Love these beautiful leaf projects.

Haven’t had time to carve a pumpkin? No worries, try these instead!

Mornings Together

“This morning, with her, having coffee.” – Johnny Cash, when asked for his definition of paradise. Mornings have always been our favorite time together. Our schedules are busy, to say the least, so the mornings before we start school and work is our time to really spend together. We’re early risers which is so nice because it gives us extra time to just hang out and watch the Today Show before we have to get ready for the day. Adam usually makes the coffee….and breakfast. Megan is really good at spreading the avocado on her toast but Adam really makes the best scrambled eggs so why mess with that? We were gifted the aaaaamazing automated chemex from our dear friends for our wedding and it’s basically the best thing that we’ve ever received.

Do you and your significant other have a time of day that’s the most special to you?

megan&adam-jessicarosephotography001 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography002 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography003 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography004 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography005 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography006 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography007 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography008 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography009 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography010 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography011 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography012 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography013 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography014 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography015 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography016 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography017 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography018 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography019 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography020 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography021 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography022 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography023 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography024We are so thankful to our dear friend Jess for these precious photos, especially of our sweet Lola who we miss so much.

Best Dressed at the Emmy Awards

I love awards shows. What I love even more than the award show itself though, is the red carpet. Seeing who’s wearing who and what and how dapper all of the men look, it’s so fun! There were so many great looks last night at the Emmys but these are the ones that stood out to me the most…in a good way.

Oh Piper! I love Taylor Schilling and she pulled off that bright, bright yellow so well. I love the interesting neckline most of all.


The Queen Mother lookin fly. Adam didn’t even recognize Cersei Lanister at first! I loved her rocker look and the burgundy color of her dress was perfect for her skin and hair color. Also, I just miss G.O.T SO MUCH.


Black never, ever is a bad thing. Aubrey Plaza rocks it in this sparkly number. I love that it’s elegant with a little sass. bravwel-bestdressed-3

Damn Kerry Washington, damn. This woman knows how to work it. bravwel-bestdressed-4

Lady Gaga just may have been my favorite look of the evening. She’s known for doing such elaborate looks that this fresh, simple look on her looks just so good. And like I said, black is never wrong. bravwel-bestdressed-5

Sarah Hyland is my tie for favorite look because really, this is perfect. bravwel-bestdressed-6Who was your best dressed last night? Or….worst? I have a few that I was like “huh?”

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