Friday Favorites

IMG_5842What a great (and busy) week it has been. How is it Friday already? Last weekend we were up in Sonoma County photographing a beautiful wedding and sneaking in some wine tasting. More on that soon!

IMG_5878…and this week while Adam was working so hard at school and work I got to sneak away with my Beijos gals for a little work/play trip to Ojai. I’ll be sharing all of that soon too! So much anticipation! What are your plans for the weekend? This is one of my slower weekends until December so I’m going to soak it allllllll in…

My best friend is a makeup guru and I know just about zero about it all. These makeup hacks are great!

I really should make these for Adam. Donuts are the way to his heart.

Open shelving is obviously a thing right now and I’m super into it. How to style them, now that’s something I need help with.

Two of my favorite ladies just announced their new books. I need this one and this one. now.

Oh hello delicious roasted chicken. I need to cook more.

Of course the new iPhone is coming out and I need the rose gold one.

and then, of course, I’ll need a new case. These design love fest for casetify cases are looking mighty fine.

We’re THISCLOSE to fall which means my favorite season, bootie season!! Love this roundup of fall booties!

One of our favorite things to do is to go to flea markets around LA. Our favorite is the Long Beach flea (naturally) and coincidentally it’s this weekend! Hoping for a cool morning with lots of luck! Find all of the other LA flea’s here.

This basically just changed my life. Raise your hand if you’ve been reheating your pasta all kinds of wrong. (hand raised).

Loving this gorgeous fall wedding!

Happy Weekend friends! Hope you stay cool.

xo Mrs

Our Wedding / Featured

We are thrilled to finally be sharing our wedding and all of the beautiful details that went into it! I’m so excited to see our big day grace the pages of my favorite wedding magazine, Utterly Engaged (head over to their site RIGHT NOW and pre order your own copy). I cannot wait to get my hands on that puppy and see our wedding in print. It is also featured on Once Wed today, and while I think it’s very far from a “country wedding” as they’re calling it, it’s still fun to see it on there.

I’ll be sharing tips and details from the planning process and our day very soon and can’t wait to share what we’ve learned in the five months of planning a wedding (spoiler alert, planning a wedding is crazy!) The main thing we learned is that having a coordinator is priceless and Beijos Events saved our sanity and helped make our day the best possible. They’re also featuring our wedding day on their blog and I love how they tell the story of our wedding (and used the novel that I wrote the other blog that they didn’t use). Love you Jac!

So so much more soon. I cannot wait to share my thoughts on guest lists, unexpected expenses (“you mean I have to light the parking lot?” yes, yes I did) and dance parties.

All photos by the insanely talented duo that is Brumley & Wells. You guys, so many heart eyes.

261_Brumley-Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House 128_Brumley-Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House 169_Brumley-Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House 2-natural-rustic-wedding 8-intimate-rustic-wedding 9-outdoor-mountain-wedding meganadamfigueroafarmhousewedding1 7-rustic-mountain-wedding meganadamfigueroafarmhousewedding 15-natural-outdoor-wedding 12-outdoor-rustic-reception 648_Brumley-Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_HouseOur video by Eric Frank Cinema is my favorite thing EVER. Ever ever.

Megan & Adam | Figueroa Mountain Farm House Wedding from Eric Frank Cinema on Vimeo.

Friday Favorites

IMG_3169These puppies are going to have a forever home on our fingers in SIX WEEKS. SIX people! It’s all feeling very real and we’re headed to pick up our marriage license in the next week or so which, I’m sure, will up the anty then. We booked our flights for our mini moon after the wedding to Seattle and Portland (have any great recommendations for either city? Send them our way!). It’s going to be a great little getaway after all of the wedding festivities! This weekend my girlfriends are taking me out for my bachelorette party and I can’t wait! What are you doing this weekend?

A few fun finds from the week…

I mean, this wedding is just puurrrrrfect.

Helpful tips to making a great gallery wall.

Because I need one more pair of summer sandals.

This hotel looks fun, and of course this one.

Need to start convincing the Mr that we need this bed.

It’s science! Experiences > Things. I wholeheartedly agree. Although, I still want those sandals.

Happy Friday All!!

Our Wedding / Finding THE Venue

I realized I never shared our venue with you! I mean, I mentioned it in passing but this baby needs a post all it’s own.

Figueroa Farmhouse in Santa Ynez has been my dream venue for, well, for as long as I can remember. It’s a little bit rustic without being a barn, it’s basically the field of my dreams and there are beautiful large oak trees on the property. The one con about it, the price…or so I thought. The one thing I’ve learned through the process of wedding planning is that it doesn’t hurts to ask. The property is a rental, not a venue, and they rent it out in either four day or seven day increments but since we were getting married on a weekday we got away with doing a two day rental. The price ended up beating most venues that we’ve looked at AND we all get to stay here. After looking at this dreamland nothing else compared, especially when you tack on accommodations (which we wouldn’t need to worry about at Figueroa). So about four seconds after we saw it we decided that this was IT! So, in January we booked our venue…five months to go. We like to do this wedding planning thing a little backwards.

These photos are from our trip out there in mid January, it was the middle of the afternoon (crappiest time to shoot photos) but you get the idea. By now the grass should be nice and tall (swoon swoon swoon). Cannot wait!  Bravwel - Figeuroa Farmhouse - Megan Welker Photography 001 Bravwel - Figeuroa Farmhouse - Megan Welker Photography 002 Bravwel - Figeuroa Farmhouse - Megan Welker Photography 003 Bravwel - Figeuroa Farmhouse - Megan Welker Photography 004 Bravwel - Figeuroa Farmhouse - Megan Welker Photography 005 Bravwel - Figeuroa Farmhouse - Megan Welker Photography 006 Bravwel - Figeuroa Farmhouse - Megan Welker Photography 007 Bravwel - Figeuroa Farmhouse - Megan Welker Photography 008 Bravwel - Figeuroa Farmhouse - Megan Welker Photography 009 Bravwel - Figeuroa Farmhouse - Megan Welker Photography 010 Bravwel - Figeuroa Farmhouse - Megan Welker Photography 011 Bravwel - Figeuroa Farmhouse - Megan Welker Photography 012 Bravwel - Figeuroa Farmhouse - Megan Welker Photography 013 Bravwel - Figeuroa Farmhouse - Megan Welker Photography 014 Bravwel - Figeuroa Farmhouse - Megan Welker Photography 015MRS-sig


Emotional Eating

Everyone loves to eat, right? I mean we eat when we’re happy, sad, depressed, excited, drunk, and for no reason at all.  But how often does a meal tend to give you an emotion? Have you ever had a meal that moves you to tears because of its taste and connection to your past? I haven’t…not yet at least.

I came across this video on Nowness and immediately became connected to chef Massimo Bottura as he talks about his emotional connection to food.

“52-year-old Bottura has propelled to three-Michelin-stars and a number three ranking in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Inspired by everything from the origins of camouflage to the music of Thelonious Monk, Bottura’s super-high-concept tasting menus are an experience as much for the mind as the taste buds. It’s pretty much art you can eat.”


Mr Bravwel


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