Friday Favorites

IMG_2822 IMG_2905Whew! What a week it’s been! I had my bridal shower on Monday and it was beyond anything I could have dreamed up. Can’t wait to share more photos from the day. I am so lucky to have such talented people working on making this wedding so incredible. Adam got home from Europe on Tuesday from a buying trip in London and Paris. I’m happy to have him back home and happy to have eaten all of the macarons he brought back with him. We are headed to Santa Barbara tomorrow for our dear friends wedding and we are beyond excited to be guests!! What are you doing this weekend?

Here are some fun things from around the web this week…

I think I’m going to need to get this app

loving these cute key fobs

Easter egg decorating ideas galore!

Do you do any of these? I try to make our bed every day and it does make me feel better.

Oh TJ’s

Thinking this may be the perfect little rehearsal dress

A darling idea

You had me at cookie

Enjoy your weekend friends!


Friday Favorites

bravwel-fridayfavMarch madness has taken on a whole new meaning this year! Between wedding season starting for Megan, Adams travel schedule, Megans bridal shower, baby showers, friends weddings (we get to be guests, OMG!) and springtime shoots…phew! It’s been a whirlwind! We have a wedding free weekend and guys, we’re going to Disneyland AND doing our dessert tasting for the wedding. Best weekend ever? Probably.

Here’s to an excellent (and warm) weekend!

Loving this concrete vase. I smell a trip to Lowe’s happening over here.

When you can’t actually afford a real marble counter top, fake it till you make it. No but really, make it.

I think I found a recipe for those sweet potatoes in the fridge. This looks delish!

Putting all of these necklaces on my wishlist.

Also, needing this cat iphone case…..and this one….or maybe this one. I know, crazy cat lady over here.

There’s nothing better than images of a father with his child. I mean, heart melt.

Happy Friday the 13th, guys!!


Our Wedding / Bridal Shower Dresses

I’m starting a new thing, Wedding Wednesday, a day to share wedding business and shenanigans. If you could care less about wedding plans then feel free to just skip the blog on Wednesdays. Easy as that (insert winky emoji here).

With that said, in a little less than two weeks I’ll be lunching with the most important women in my life for my own bridal shower…WHAT!? It’s all so surreal. We sent out our invites at the end of February and getting the rsvp’s back is a total trip! We keep thinking “people are actually coming to this giant party we’ve been planning, this is really happening!!!”

Back to the problem at hand…I am completely stumped on what to wear the the shower, of course. I had a dress, then I decided, in true woman form, that I hated it. So I got rid of it and started searching for something else. Isn’t it the worst thing ever when you go in search of something specific and it’s no where to be found? That’s my problem at the moment. I know fit and flares are best on my figure but cannot find a cute white one to save my life.

I recently found this one at Anthropologie. It’s absolutely darling but the pineapples threw me off and it’s just a little too poofy and overwhelms my short frame too much.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 4.19.56 PM

This one at Nordstrom is cute and simple…maybe too simple?

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 4.20.04 PMThen there’s this one…my girl Lauren Conrad (we’re obvs besties on first name basis) for Kohls never disappoints. Now I just need to go find it and try it on. Could be a good one?Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 4.20.14 PMHave you seen any lately? Any online sites I should know about? Help!! No, but really, help.


Kitchen Floors / Before and After

So, we all know that rental kitchens are gross. It’s usually old, nasty linoleum that was probably on clearance when they needed it so they just grabbed whatever was the cheapest, it has paint speckled all over it from one too many crappy cabinet paint jobs and has chips in it from who knows what. Our apartment is adorable, mostly. Great original hardwood floors, rounded ceilings, a darling faux fireplace, but the kitchen…..ohhh the kitchen. It needed some work. After over a year of living in this space and being grossed out by the kitchen floors on the daily we needed a change but obviously didn’t want to put new floors into a rental (we aren’t that crazy). So I found out about peel and stick vinyl tile and felt like I won the rental lottery! #1. It’s super cheap. #2. It’s kind of dummy proof. #3. You can peel it up and throw it away when you leave if your landlord makes a fuss about it! We picked a weekend, my mom came down (because she’s the best at home improvement anything) and within a couple of hours we had new floors! I can’t even tell you how much cleaner and well, better it feels.

The grossness before:

bravwel-kitchenfloors-1 bravwel-kitchenfloors-2 bravwel-kitchenfloors-4 bravwel-kitchenfloors-5 bravwel-kitchenfloors-6 bravwel-kitchenfloors-7

And, AFTER! Voila! No, the cabinets still don’t close but hey, who’s going to be looking at those when those floors are lookin so nice!?bravwel-kitchenfloors-8 bravwel-kitchenfloors-9 bravwel-kitchenfloors-12If you too want to spruce up your rental kitchen, here’s what you’ll need:

-Peel and Stick Vinyl Tile : We chose this one at Lowes

-A couple of metal measuring sticks. The edges and corners are tough but just measure correctly and cut and you’ll get it.

-Some exacto knives. Don’t skimp on these, you need them to be tough to cut through. We also used scissors at times and they worked pretty well!

-Lots of muscle.

fyi: they say to start in the middle of the floor and work your way to the edges because we all know these floors weren’t made perfectly and you’d rather have weird cut edges than some odd shapes in the middle.

Rug is vintage from the Long Beach Flea Market and we were pretty dang excited about it.


Our Wedding / Finding “the dress”

Bravwel/wedding dress shopping4I have a confession to make…I actually bought my wedding dress before we were engaged. In my defense we had been planning our wedding for a couple of months already. We knew we wanted to get married in May and after reading about “the perfect time to buy your dress” I soon found out that the ideal time to buy one is 6-9 months before and we were already six months out. Insert freak out moment here. So the search began. A dress designer I loved was having a trunk show and there was only one day that I could go so I flew down my Mom and Aunt from up north, grabbed up my dear friend Mary and made an appointment. The day of I was incredibly anxious and nervous. I always envisioned myself being so relaxed and excited but when it came down it, my heart was racing as I walked into the boutique. Thankfully the ladies at Lovely Bride in West Hollywood were so great and I quickly snapped out of my little freak out moment and truly enjoyed every second of it. I tried on a ton of dresses, some I thought I would love, I didn’t (figures, right?). At almost the end of my appointment my Aunt grabbed a dress off a rack that I was so sure wasn’t for me. I tried it on anyways to humor them and fell in love with it. Funny how that happens.

A week later I returned with two of my best girls and tried it on for them. I fell in love with it all over again and am already counting down the days until I can wear it. It’s such a weird thing, buying a wedding dress. You buy it, and then it has to be made so you don’t see it for months. A dress you’re going to wear during one of the most amazing and exciting days of your life. Blows my mind but the day is quickly approaching, ahem 92 days, and soon enough I’ll be floating around in it.

I have to give a giant shout out to the girls at Lovely Bride, they were so accommodating, kept me at ease and let me try on a million dresses. Also, Gracias Madre has the best margaritas of all time and if you’re buying your dress from Lovely Bride in West Hollywood, I definitely recommend hopping over to Gracias Madre for a toast like we did.

No, my dress isn’t in these photos. No, Adam hasn’t seen it. Yes, it’s amazing.

ps. Exactly a week after I bought my dress Adam proposed. So I’m not that crazy after all 😉 Bravwel/wedding dress shopping1 Bravwel/wedding dress shopping3 Bravwel/wedding dress shopping2 Bravwel/wedding dress shopping7 Bravwel/wedding dress shopping8 Bravwel/wedding dress shopping5 Bravwel/wedding dress shopping6 Bravwel/wedding dress shoppingMRS-sig

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