Mornings Together

“This morning, with her, having coffee.” – Johnny Cash, when asked for his definition of paradise. Mornings have always been our favorite time together. Our schedules are busy, to say the least, so the mornings before we start school and work is our time to really spend together. We’re early risers which is so nice because it gives us extra time to just hang out and watch the Today Show before we have to get ready for the day. Adam usually makes the coffee….and breakfast. Megan is really good at spreading the avocado on her toast but Adam really makes the best scrambled eggs so why mess with that? We were gifted the aaaaamazing automated chemex from our dear friends for our wedding and it’s basically the best thing that we’ve ever received.

Do you and your significant other have a time of day that’s the most special to you?

megan&adam-jessicarosephotography001 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography002 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography003 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography004 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography005 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography006 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography007 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography008 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography009 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography010 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography011 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography012 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography013 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography014 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography015 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography016 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography017 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography018 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography019 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography020 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography021 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography022 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography023 megan&adam-jessicarosephotography024We are so thankful to our dear friend Jess for these precious photos, especially of our sweet Lola who we miss so much.

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