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Demo Day (ahem, weeks) – Week Two in the Bravwel Home

Week Two!! SO much has happened since we got the keys to our house. We ripped out all of the flooring, even though most people think we are absolutely batty for doing so. It was really dark laminate with carpet in the bedrooms and none of it was our style so we decided this was the time to redo it all. We ripped out all of the flooring on day two and have been looking at a ton of flooring samples trying to pick a favorite. We talk about some of our plans for this coming week in the video so be sure to check it out. Plus I posted some progress photos below and explained a little about what’s going on.

Adam and our Uncle (who is the best contractor and is helping us SO much) widened both entryways into the kitchen and I can’t believe how much better it looks! We’re getting all new paned windows in the front of the house (since ours are all OG single paned and are just so bad) and moving our Jetsons style vents out of the middle of the rooms in the living area and kitchen. Adam realized very quickly that he did NOT want to tackle removing the popcorn ceilings himself so we hired some guys to come this weekend and take it all down for us. It would be easier to do ourselves if it wasn’t painted over popcorn. So it’s much tougher to scrape off and Adam has a lot of projects to do already ; )

We’re really excited about our new plan for the ceilings in the living and dining area. This beam that’s running through the rooms is load bearing so to make it easier on the eyes we’re ripping off all of the drywall and wrapping it to make it look like a true (pretty) wooden beam and then running beams across into each room, four on each side! Oh, and taking down that random half wall so the space is more open.

I also have big plans for that fireplace eventually. Ripping out that insert, building a wood mantel and just sprucing it up a bit. I already can’t wait for all of the holidays so I can decorate it!

If you follow us on Instagram you may have seen my post talking about how much I love the light in this house. This photo was taken on the first day we saw it. I walked in and just felt happy. I love natural light and since there are windows everywhere in this home it’s full of light at all times of day. It’s seriously the best!  

Oh goodness, the bathroom. The only thing halfway new about this space is the toilet. Adam ripped out the bench thing that say behind the tub so we can have a big tub (hopefully) I mean, that cast iron pink tub and sink have definitely been in there since the beginning. Adam got the bathtub out to find SO MUCH dirt underneath. I had no idea that happened but apparently over time, rodents get underneath the house and end up kicking up dirt into the space. Our Uncle even commented about it being the most dirt he has ever seen. Soooo that’s fun.

I already can’t wait to show you next weeks updates. I have a feeling a lot is going to change. We have a big weekend of projects ahead and I’m off to the hardware store to pick out some paint samples! Hope you all have a great weekend.

xo Megan & Adam

Our New Home!!

We bought a house!! We are beyond excited to set roots down in Visalia again and make an old house our new home.

If you know us then you know we didn’t want a new build. Actually, the older the better. We love the charm, unique features and layouts of older homes. So when a 1960’s ranch style home came on the market in a friendly little community tucked away in the outskirts of town, we knew we had to jump on it.

Yes, its 50 years old and yes, it needs a lot of updates (wait until you see these bathrooms) and some work but it’s nothing we can’t handle, right?

So, after thirty days of paperwork, inspections and negotiating we finally got our keys to our first home, that just so happened to be on Adam’s birthday (what a gift right).

Instead of moving in right away like a normal couple we’ve decided to dive head first into renovations. But before we share our DIY experiences we want to share the home in its current state and give you an idea of what we’re working with.

So, come on in!

The house was built in 1964 and most things in it were also built in 1964. Including those terrible doors and the old windows. Both (all) are getting updating very, very soon. Scroll down to the bottom of the post for a video tour and watch Megan take way too long to explain things that are being done in the house.


Bon Voyage LA

So, hey there. You may be wondering where we went for an entire year. Well, here’s the long story long.

After seven years of living the LA life, we decided it was time for something different. We were ready to leave the hustle and bustle and move somewhere where we could live a little bit slower pace of life.

Life has a way of telling you it’s time to make a change. We slowly started crossing off the adult life check list. First, fall in love. Second, move in together. Third, get some pets (hello Samson and Delilah). Fourth, get married, and finally step five….buy a house.

Now, we know buying a house isn’t cheap but damn…LA’s market is something else. I mean we’re not poor but we also can’t cough up $1 million for a 2 bed 1 bath.

We knew that something would have to change in order to move on to step 5 of the adult check list. Either we win the lottery or we think about moving. It started out as joke…”hey lets move back to Visalia and build a house..hahaha” (us laughing out loud at that beyond crazy thought). That joke then slowly blossomed into an idea…”maybe we could actually move back to our home town?” That idea lead us to browsing homes on Zillow which made us realized that we could totally buy a house there. That then lead us to making the final decision to move home.

It all happened so fast but made more and more sense as time went on. At some point, which we don’t even remember, we decided that Visalia was calling us back. Sure, it’s a small farming town that lacks entertainment, hip restaurants, and juice bars, but there’s something about settling down in a quiet spot that just fits our lifestyle.

While we do miss LA and all of the food, concerts and friends, we really don’t miss the traffic, the cost of living and having to walk three blocks from our shitty parking spot to our apartment. So now we’re on the house hunt, and while it’s pretty stressful it’s also very exciting to know we’re taking a huge leap onto the next major phase of life together.

Step 5. Buy a house and settle down…lets do this!

But before we moved we had our dear friend Lyndsey of Jack and Lola Photography come over and take photos of us in our  charming (old) and cozy (small) Long Beach apartment. We hung out with her in our semi-empty apartment and cute neighborhood most of the afternoon, and we will forever and always cherish these special photos.



Making our space a home

Adam and I are huge homebodies and mornings spent together are our favorite. We just soak up that time together, while everything is still and quiet, drinking our coffee and watching our favorite morning show. It’s just a couple of hours but we really treasure it so you can imagine our need for a really, really good sofa. I’m excited to share our journey to finding the one!
Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 001 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 002 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 003 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 004We’ve lived together for a couple of years now but really didn’t start making our little apartment our home until after our wedding. I was the type that would say “This isn’t our real home yet. We aren’t going to be here forever so there’s no need to decorate or worry about the perfect pieces” but boy was I wrong. Once we started making the space our own we really felt at home and loved our time spent here. We had a sofa from my previous place that was cute but not at all comfortable, so we then got a second sofa but ended up not liking the color of it and it just wasn’t right either. It was like a real life Goldilocks problem in here! We finally decided to be grown ups and do something more customizable that we knew would be perfect for our space. We decided to go through Jonathan Louis since they have sooo many options. We knew we could create the perfect sofa for us with all of their options and stylish furniture. One of our main concerns was finding one that was just the right length for our odd square living room. JL has great sizing options that we were able to choose from and we were so happy to be able pick out the size that worked best for us. As far as the color went, we knew we wanted to go with something light to open up the room and lucky for us they have hundreds of swatches to choose from too. We loved that we were able to see a swatch of each of the fabrics we liked online before we made a decision. Ordering online can be pretty intimidating but we are so in love with how it all came out! If you’re not the online sofa ordering type you can browse their furniture at stores like Macy’s, Living Spaces, Z Gallery and a ton of other local stores. Find one here!

Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 005 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 006 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 007 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 008 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 009The second it arrived and we sat on it it was like sitting on a cloud. It really is the most comfortable sofa we’ve ever sat on and we love how deep it is. No more fighting for “the perfect spot” because really, it’s ALL the perfect spot. Since we spend a ton of time in our living room it is the most perfect sofa for us. We also love the fact that it can double as a bed since we don’t have a guest room. Even Adam can comfortably fit on it (and he’s super tall 😉

Overall we are so thrilled with our experience with Jonathan Louis and we would recommend them to any and all of our friends and family! They made the process simple and painless and we are so excited to have a space that really feels like us!

Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 010 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 011 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 012 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 013 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 014 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 015 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 016 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 017 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 018 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 019 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 020 Jonathan Louis Furniture - Megan Welker Photography 021Oh, and our new kitties Samson and Delilah are really into it as well 😉

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Jonathan Louis but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Our favorite afternoons

On Wednesdays we grab our favorite Gunn & Swain blanket, stop by Starbucks and head to the park with Lola. It doesn’t happen every week, sometimes I have a shoot and sometimes Adam has to be in the store but most weeks we make it happen and it’s one of our favorite things. Lola loves it because she’s obsessed with her ball and being outside. We love it because we get a sweet treat from Starbucks and get to read in peace (after we’ve exhausted Lola from playing, of course). It’s nothing crazy or wildly exciting but we’ve realized that it’s the little things, like going to a local park together, that makes us really happy.

What are some things you like to do with your significant other/family? We’d love to hear!

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