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Love in the desert


Keeping up with our desert theme for the week I’m sharing a little session our dear friend Ala did for us while we were in Joshua Tree. After Amber and Louie had to leave to head back home (in case you missed their sweet session on my photography blog, you can view that here) Ala came out and I got to take some spur of the moment maternity photos for her (that you can see here). In return she woke up at the butt crack of dawn with us and we all ventured out to the National Park for a sunrise session while it was still somewhat cool out (a cool 89 degrees at 6am).

She snapped these after I took a few of her the night before. This is my truest form really, hardly any makeup, my hair up in a topknot.

joshua-tree-session-love-ala-photography001 joshua-tree-session-love-ala-photography002 joshua-tree-session-love-ala-photography003 joshua-tree-session-love-ala-photography004 joshua-tree-session-love-ala-photography005 joshua-tree-session-love-ala-photography006

There’s something so special about the desert at sunrise.joshua-tree-session-love-ala-photography007 joshua-tree-session-love-ala-photography008 joshua-tree-session-love-ala-photography009 joshua-tree-session-love-ala-photography010 joshua-tree-session-love-ala-photography011 joshua-tree-session-love-ala-photography012 joshua-tree-session-love-ala-photography013 joshua-tree-session-love-ala-photography014 joshua-tree-session-love-ala-photography015 joshua-tree-session-love-ala-photography016 joshua-tree-session-love-ala-photography017 joshua-tree-session-love-ala-photography018 joshua-tree-session-love-ala-photography019 joshua-tree-session-love-ala-photography020 joshua-tree-session-love-ala-photography021 joshua-tree-session-love-ala-photography022 joshua-tree-session-love-ala-photography023 joshua-tree-session-love-ala-photography024 joshua-tree-session-love-ala-photography025 joshua-tree-session-love-ala-photography026 joshua-tree-session-love-ala-photography027 joshua-tree-session-love-ala-photography028 joshua-tree-session-love-ala-photography029

All photos by Love Ala

Outfit details


Black off the shoulder dress (similar) / sandals similar

Blue off the shoulder dress / lace up heels similar


Black hat / Boots

White button up / Green pants



The Joshua Tree House

Have you been on the internet/social media lately? Then you’ve seen this house appropriately called The Joshua Tree House. Every single blogger has been there and has been seen swinging in those amazing hanging chairs. My friend Amber was wanting to do her anniversary session out in Joshua Tree and so of course I mentioned this beautiful rental. She loved it, I loved it, so it was a done deal and we made some beautiful images inside the house and at the National Park nearby. You can see those here if ya want. Be sure to head to the bottom of the post for a few recommendations on where to stay and what to do in Joshua Tree.

the-joshua-tree-house-bravwel-megan-welker-photography001 the-joshua-tree-house-bravwel-megan-welker-photography002 the-joshua-tree-house-bravwel-megan-welker-photography003 the-joshua-tree-house-bravwel-megan-welker-photography004 the-joshua-tree-house-bravwel-megan-welker-photography005 the-joshua-tree-house-bravwel-megan-welker-photography006 the-joshua-tree-house-bravwel-megan-welker-photography007

I could have spent the whole week in that hammock! the-joshua-tree-house-bravwel-megan-welker-photography008 the-joshua-tree-house-bravwel-megan-welker-photography009 the-joshua-tree-house-bravwel-megan-welker-photography010 the-joshua-tree-house-bravwel-megan-welker-photography011 the-joshua-tree-house-bravwel-megan-welker-photography012 the-joshua-tree-house-bravwel-megan-welker-photography013 the-joshua-tree-house-bravwel-megan-welker-photography014 the-joshua-tree-house-bravwel-megan-welker-photography015 the-joshua-tree-house-bravwel-megan-welker-photography016 the-joshua-tree-house-bravwel-megan-welker-photography017 the-joshua-tree-house-bravwel-megan-welker-photography018 the-joshua-tree-house-bravwel-megan-welker-photography019Where To stay

-This place, of course! The owners of The Joshua Tree House just finished renovating another house nearby and it looks amazing! Be sure to check out The Casita.

This Cabin looks adorable!

-What’s cooler than staying in a Dome in the desert? Not much!

-The more hipster the better, right? This place looks way cute!

Where to eat/What to do (these can go together because Joshua Tree is small, like real, real small.

-The Corner Cafe. This is a tiny little cafe on the corner of town. Pretty standard breakfast here 😉

Natural Sisters Cafe. Vegan friendly and really delicious vegan carrot cake, like so good guys.

Pie for the People. Pizza. Can’t really go wrong here.

The Joshua Tree Saloon For your steak loving heart. And burgers, and onion rings.

-Head out to Joshua Tree National Park. The park is so gorgeous and SO big. Go on hikes, go bouldering, don’t do anything physical and just stand and look at it in all it’s glory. Whatever you do, just go and see it because it’s so worth it.

-If you’re feeling adventurous, head out to Salvation Mountain. A must see!

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