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Brooks Porter

Our son, Brooks Porter arrived four days before his due date, nice and early on Thursday, January 23rd. My contractions started out of nowhere (after rearranging furniture in the guest room and washing every piece of laundry we had) oh, and eating half of a pineapple.

I started getting some minor cramps at home around 1pm after rearranging the guest room and washing every piece of bedding in our house. The contractions went from 20 minutes apart to quickly be on average 3-4 minutes apart so once they were like that for an hour we thought maybe we should just go get checked? I was hesitant because I was totally fine and functioning through them and didn’t want to be that girl in triage that came in and was a 1. Come to find out, I was a 6! They admitted me at about 6pm and I labored naturally for 4 hours until I just could not take it anymore and had not progressed. I felt so defeated. I really wanted to have a medication free birth but the pain was so crippling and I just didn’t get a break from the back labor. I was in so much pain and my body wasn’t able to relax. I finally asked for the epidural and it only worked on one side haha doesn’t it figure? I finally felt relief and got to relax for a good amount of hours but by the time it was time to push it had totally worn off. I pushed for about 45 minutes and he was born!

We are just soaking up every minute of him. He is such a sweet baby and we’re just all figuring out how to function on VERY little sleep.

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