Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites / Is it fall yet?

IMG_5565It’s been a rough week, but more on that another day. I am, however, thankful that this guy sometimes comes along to my photo shoots with me. He’s the best assistant!

  • I’m envious of people with doormen. Mainly because I feel like I stick around all day waiting for a package and then the second I leave it arrives. Worry no more, if you live in certain cities.
  • Real into this cardigan sweater and anxiously awaiting cooler weather to wear said cardigan sweater.
  • I love her honest post about social media. It’s a love/hate relationship for most of us.
  • Loving this site I came across this week. I want all of the things.
  • I’m thinking this print needs to find its way to our mantle. Also loving how minted has the framing option too! So convenient.
  • An excellent LA city guide. There are still so many places I have yet to go/see. Keeping this list close.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and are enjoying the last bits of summer even though I feel like it’s never going to end.

xox Mrs