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    Pregnancy by the month

    I knew I wanted to capture every minute of my growing bump and am so happy that I did! I can’t believe how incredible womens bodies are for growing our little ones. I loved every minute of pregnancy and was really lucky to have a fairly easy 39 weeks. We’ll see if the next time around is as smooth sailing 😉 Nine months of growing baby brav <3

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    Brooks Porter

    Our son, Brooks Porter arrived four days before his due date, nice and early on Thursday, January 23rd. My contractions started out of nowhere (after rearranging furniture in the guest room and washing every piece of laundry we had) oh, and eating half of a pineapple. I started getting some minor cramps at home around 1pm after rearranging the guest room and washing every piece of bedding in our house. The contractions went from 20 minutes apart to quickly be on average 3-4 minutes apart so once they were like that for an hour we thought maybe we should just go get checked? I was hesitant because I was totally…

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    One Year In

    It has officially been one whole year of us moving out of a bustling city and relocating to a small, country town and really, it’s been pretty seamless. The first few months were a little bit of a whirlwind just trying to adjust, Adam got a new job, we were living with my Mom while house hunting and saving but then the months flew by. We spent summer afternoons at my Grandparents pool, had family barbecues, spent time with our best friends and met new friends. We run into a lot of people that say “Oh gosh, WHY would you ever move back here from LA”? and really, the answer…

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    We’re having a baby!

    Adam and I are SO thrilled to share that baby Bravinder is coming January 2020. We have waited for quite some time to expand our family and we are just over the moon to start our family and show Baby Brav the world! Stay tuned for more baby content to come! Dress Details – Amazon Wooden cutouts – Poppyjack Shop

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    Almond Blossoms – One of our favorite things about where we live

    Every February the Almond trees in and around the Central Valley start sprouting tiny little buds. These buds turn into the most beautiful blooms and the orchards become these magical, white pieces of heaven (well, to me at least). I love this time of year and driving around town and seeing the blossoms always makes me so happy. They last three weeks, tops, so I was thrilled to finally have an afternoon free to have our talented friend Lauren Westra snap a few photos of Adam and I in the blooms. I will treasure these photos, Lauren! Thank you so much for taking the time to help make these memories…

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