Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

bravwel-fridayfavMarch madness has taken on a whole new meaning this year! Between wedding season starting for Megan, Adams travel schedule, Megans bridal shower, baby showers, friends weddings (we get to be guests, OMG!) and springtime shoots…phew! It’s been a whirlwind! We have a wedding free weekend and guys, we’re going to Disneyland AND doing our dessert tasting for the wedding. Best weekend ever? Probably.

Here’s to an excellent (and warm) weekend!

Loving this concrete vase. I smell a trip to Lowe’s happening over here.

When you can’t actually afford a real marble counter top, fake it till you make it. No but really, make it.

I think I found a recipe for those sweet potatoes in the fridge. This looks delish!

Putting all of these necklaces on my wishlist.

Also, needing this cat iphone case…..and this one….or maybe this one. I know, crazy cat lady over here.

There’s nothing better than images of a father with his child. I mean, heart melt.

Happy Friday the 13th, guys!!