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    Fall Style

      So lately the weather in SoCal has been anything but cold. It’s freaking HOT! But fall is here and i’m trying to transition into more of an autumn style (without sweating to death). I think a chambray (J. Crew) is a great essential piece that works in every season. At work you have to be able to look nice but also willing to move a giant couch with out breaking a sweat… yea right. So a solid pair of utility chinos (Club Monaco) are a must. Paired with a vintage watch and leather belt (Club Monaco), you should be good to go for the hot October month.

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    Best Dressed at the Emmy Awards

    I love awards shows. What I love even more than the award show itself though, is the red carpet. Seeing who’s wearing who and what and how dapper all of the men look, it’s so fun! There were so many great looks last night at the Emmys but these are the ones that stood out to me the most…in a good way. Oh Piper! I love Taylor Schilling and she pulled off that bright, bright yellow so well. I love the interesting neckline most of all. The Queen Mother lookin fly. Adam didn’t even recognize Cersei Lanister at first! I loved her rocker look and the burgundy color of her…

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    What I’m loving / St Tropez Tanning Mousse

    I don’t know about you but for me having a tan makes me feel about a million times better (and like 10 lbs skinner!) This summer has already been so nuts that I haven’t had a lot of time to just go relax on the beach and work on my tan so I’ve enlisted the help a sunless self tanner. I’ve heard excellent things about all St Tropez products so I decided to give it a try. I was nervous to try it being a self tanner virgin and all but it was SO easy guys, really! I love the tanning mousse so much and having the tanning mitt was…

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    A hot date with some boug

    It’s officially spring which means there is bougainvillea everywhere. It may or may not be the best thing about this time of year, in my opinion. I told Adam I wanted to find some to shoot with and dang, he couldn’t have found a better patch! But let’s just talk about my jumper, yes, it’s a jumper! Tricked you, right? Usually jumpers/rompers don’t work for me (big thighs, you know) but this breezy, flowy one is just perfect and I love how comfortable and dress-like it is. It can be easily paired with some cute gold sandals for daytime wear and dressed up with a pair of heels like these…

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    Business Casual

      Working in a high end showroom has its perks. You get to work with interesting clients, beautiful furniture, art and you get to dress up. The only downside is, what do you wear when you need to get down and dirty? Most days I’m either moving furniture or polishing a wood piece which is why I think a casual formal outfit is best. I would love to wear a three piece suit but no one has time for that when you have to move a couch.  Glasses – Tom Ford Blazer – Club Monaco Oxford Shirt – J. Crew Blue Chinos – Club Monaco Boots – Timberland