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    The Sofa Struggle

    Lately Megan & I have been discussing redecorating our small apartment, but we get discouraged easily. Mostly because we don’t want to spend money and we can’t decide on the same furniture. Most recently we have been trying to figure out which sofa we want. Either a more expensive one that will last longer, or a cheaper one that will give instant gratification but won’t stand the test of time. The struggle is real. Tell us which one you like…. Option #1 – The Velvet Willoughby Sofa by Anthropologie ($1,998.00)Option #2 – The Antwerp Sofa by West Elm ($1,299.00)OptionĀ  #3 – The Stocksund sofa by Ikea ($599.00)  

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    Kitchen Floors / Before and After

    So, we all know that rental kitchens are gross. It’s usually old, nasty linoleum that was probably on clearance when they needed it so they just grabbed whatever was the cheapest, it has paint speckled all over it from one too many crappy cabinet paint jobs and has chips in it from who knows what. Our apartment is adorable, mostly. Great original hardwood floors, rounded ceilings, a darling faux fireplace, but the kitchen…..ohhh the kitchen. It needed some work. After over a year of living in this space and being grossed out by the kitchen floors on the daily we needed a change but obviously didn’t want to put new…

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    Spartan Shop

    While in the midst of planning a wedding and having our own really busy lives we decided to redecorate our small home. With there being so many large stores we are running across a lack of diversity. I mean we like West Elm, but we don’t want to create another one of their stores in our house, ya know? So we were thrilled to have found Spartan Shop, an online store based out of Austin Texas. It’s a great source for some home goods and pottery. If you’re looking for a little originality in your decorating you should check them out. These are a few things we liked – Collection…

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    The dining table / Before and After

    We scored this great brass base from Craigslist last year and the top that came with it was literally paper thin and mint green. Not really our style. So we were given this wooden top and while the size was perfect for our little dining corner, I haven’t loved how shiny it was. I don’t know why it took me so long to get my hands on the sander and go to town on this thing but it finally happened and although it’s a subtle change, I’m really happy with the results. Before After: ps. Doesn’t it help “afters” look so much better when there’s a beautiful floral arrangement on…

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