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    Our New Home!!

    We bought a house!! We are beyond excited to set roots down in Visalia again and make an old house our new home. If you know us then you know we didn’t want a new build. Actually, the older the better. We love the charm, unique features and layouts of older homes. So when a 1960’s ranch style home came on the market in a friendly little community tucked away in the outskirts of town, we knew we had to jump on it. Yes, its 50 years old and yes, it needs a lot of updates (wait until you see these bathrooms) and some work but it’s nothing we can’t…

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    Making our space a home

    Adam and I are huge homebodies and mornings spent together are our favorite. We just soak up that time together, while everything is still and quiet, drinking our coffee and watching our favorite morning show. It’s just a couple of hours but we really treasure it so you can imagine our need for a really, really good sofa. I’m excited to share our journey to finding the one! We’ve lived together for a couple of years now but really didn’t start making our little apartment our home until after our wedding. I was the type that would say “This isn’t our real home yet. We aren’t going to be here…

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    Authors to watch: Jojo Moyes

    Here’s a random fact about me (ahem, Megan); I very rarely cry in life, like my real life, I didn’t cry on our wedding day, or while watching our wedding video for the first time but I weep during movies, songs, commercials, books, you name it. Have you seen this Pixar short? I sobbed. I recently finished this book and basically cried my way through it. Jojo Moyes may just be my favorite author. Her book Me Before You is a favorite of mine (she wrote a sequel to it and I’m on pins and needles waiting for it to show up on my kindle next month). If you haven’t…

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    Mornings Together

    “This morning, with her, having coffee.” – Johnny Cash, when asked for his definition of paradise. Mornings have always been our favorite time together. Our schedules are busy, to say the least, so the mornings before we start school and work is our time to really spend together. We’re early risers which is so nice because it gives us extra time to just hang out and watch the Today Show before we have to get ready for the day. Adam usually makes the coffee….and breakfast. Megan is really good at spreading the avocado on her toast but Adam really makes the best scrambled eggs so why mess with that? We…

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    Our favorite afternoons

    On Wednesdays we grab our favorite Gunn & Swain blanket, stop by Starbucks and head to the park with Lola. It doesn’t happen every week, sometimes I have a shoot and sometimes Adam has to be in the store but most weeks we make it happen and it’s one of our favorite things. Lola loves it because she’s obsessed with her ball and being outside. We love it because we get a sweet treat from Starbucks and get to read in peace (after we’ve exhausted Lola from playing, of course). It’s nothing crazy or wildly exciting but we’ve realized that it’s the little things, like going to a local park…