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    We are thrilled to finally be sharing our wedding and all of the beautiful details that went into it! I’m so excited to see our big day grace the pages of my favorite wedding magazine, Utterly Engaged (head over to their site RIGHT NOW and pre order your own copy). I cannot wait to get my hands on that puppy and see our wedding in print. It is also featured on Once Wed today, and while I think it’s very far from a “country wedding” as they’re calling it, it’s still fun to see it on there. I’ll be sharing tips and details from the planning process and our day…

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    Our Wedding / Hiring a Coordinator

    I’m a day late BUT I wanted to talk today about the importance of hiring a wedding coordinator/planner. Waaaay before we even got engaged I knew I was going to hire a coordinator one way or another. I’ve been to enough weddings to know that having one is 1,081,932,387% worth it and I wanted to make sure that our wedding runs as smoothly as possible. Fast forward to our engagement and the wedding planning process, the Beijos girls and I had been working together for about six months by then and I loved them, loved their vibe and I knew we would be the perfect fit…and boy was I right!…

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    Our Wedding / Finding THE Venue

    I realized I never shared our venue with you! I mean, I mentioned it in passing but this baby needs a post all it’s own. Figueroa Farmhouse in Santa Ynez has been my dream venue for, well, for as long as I can remember. It’s a little bit rustic without being a barn, it’s basically the field of my dreams and there are beautiful large oak trees on the property. The one con about it, the price…or so I thought. The one thing I’ve learned through the process of wedding planning is that it doesn’t hurts to ask. The property is a rental, not a venue, and they rent it…

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    Our Wedding / Bridal Shower Dresses

    I’m starting a new thing, Wedding Wednesday, a day to share wedding business and shenanigans. If you could care less about wedding plans then feel free to just skip the blog on Wednesdays. Easy as that (insert winky emoji here). With that said, in a little less than two weeks I’ll be lunching with the most important women in my life for my own bridal shower…WHAT!? It’s all so surreal. We sent out our invites at the end of February and getting the rsvp’s back is a total trip! We keep thinking “people are actually coming to this giant party we’ve been planning, this is really happening!!!” Back to the…

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    Our Wedding / Finding “the dress”

    I have a confession to make…I actually bought my wedding dress before we were engaged. In my defense we had been planning our wedding for a couple of months already. We knew we wanted to get married in May and after reading about “the perfect time to buy your dress” I soon found out that the ideal time to buy one is 6-9 months before and we were already six months out. Insert freak out moment here. So the search began. A dress designer I loved was having a trunk show and there was only one day that I could go so I flew down my Mom and Aunt from…

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