• One Year In

    It has officially been one whole year of us moving out of a bustling city and relocating to a small, country town and really, it's been pretty seamless. The first few months were a little bit of a ...

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    One Year In
  • Recent Amazon Favorites

    Amazon has it all. And by all I seriously mean ALL. I've recently found a favorite brand on their for some amazing Free People and Spell knock offs for a fraction of the price and couldn't be happier ...

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    Recent Amazon Favorites
  • Our Guest Bathroom Reveal

    It's here. Finally. Finnaaalllyyy. This was definitely the biggest renovation challenge (so far) with our house. We added a shower to the existing bathtub, went from a single to a double vanity, ...

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    Our Guest Bathroom Reveal
  • Our Guest Bathroom Renovation (Finally) – Day One (and two)

         Here we go!! Our hall bathroom has been gutted since two days after we moved in...and hasn't changed (two months later) until now. Our tile guy came two days ago and started prepping the room to ...

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    Our Guest Bathroom Renovation (Finally) – Day One (and two)
  • Guest Bathroom Renovation – The Plan

    We are finally getting to our guest bathroom renovation project! Two (well, maybe more) months in the making. Here's the thing. I figured that my Mom and I (megan) could just tile the bathroom ...

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    Guest Bathroom Renovation – The Plan

Emotional Eating

Everyone loves to eat, right? I mean we eat when we’re happy, sad, depressed, excited, drunk, and for no reason at all.  But how often does a meal tend to give you an emotion? Have you ever had a meal that moves you to tears because of its taste and connection to your past? I haven’t…not yet at least. I…

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The Suit

Yesterday, Megan and I ran up to Lake Hemet for a shoot. Here’s what I wore. Suit – Zara Man Tie – Club Monaco Shirt – J.Crew Watch – Nixon  Mr Bravwel

Tulum Travel Guide

WHERE TO STAY We really loved our little hut at Papaya Playa Project Although..the beaches are better (calmer, less seaweed) south so if you plan on being in the ocean a lot I would recommend.. Hip Hotel Be Tulum Of course Coqui Coqui Tulum is beautiful, but after seeing the Coba Coqui we were a little underwhelmed by the Tulum…

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Antwerp’s Charm

Earlier this year I went on my first buying trip to Europe. I spent some time exploring one of Belgium’s most avant-garde cities, Antwerp. Architectural Digest discloses the trendiest spots that will connect you with the city’s cultural, arts, and restaurant scenes, leaving an inspired feeling for any traveler. Antwerp’s Grote Markt square. Photo: Andre Vicente Goncalves “The Belgian city of Antwerp is an elegant feast…

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Tulum, Mexico

This just may be the longest blog post I’ve ever written. I just have soooo much to share about this trip. It really was just as amazing as it looked, maybe even more so. We had been wanting to go to Tulum for about a year now and there was finally a long enough break in our schedules to make…

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